Dear everyone!

Thank you for supporting Hollie since the start of secondary schooling (2009) right up until now!

As some of you may know Hollie will be starting at college in September. Hollie has obtained a funded DaDa place at the prestigious college ‘The Urdang Acedemy’ . She will train in dancing, acting and of course singing! We are all hoping for Hollie to one day make her debut on the West End. After her experience touring with the UK cast of The Sound of Music, Hollie was inspired and now dreams to star as the leading lady in Phantom of the Opera.

Right now Hollie is focusing on learning and at the moment is taking her all important GCSE’s.

For now, we thank you for your wonderful support!

We are so excited for the future 🙂

Silent Night- Single is released!!!

On the 6th December Hollie’s newest single Silent Night was released! Produced by Hollie and her father this is such a personal and sweet song. This was the first co-produced song which Hollie has made and she hopes you enjoy it! The Christmas carol is one of Hollie’s most favourite as it is peaceful and relaxing and gives everyone time to enjoy the festive season.

We hope you enjoy the new single and have a Merry Christmas.

Love Hollie & Family x

Download here:

silent night

Hong Kong-Blog

Hollie was recently invited to go to sing in Hong Kong and here is a blog made by Hollie to share with you all her experiences.

Day 1- Airport/Arriving Well what a great morning! I woke up really early because of all the excitement, had a quick shower and went shopping to get a new tiara. We found a perfect one along with a new necklace. Diamonds really are my best friend. lol. My bags were packed and they were all ready in the car! As we drove up to the airport i couldn’t keep in my excitement. I was singing along to Michael Buble’s Christmas album! Bags now checked in and passed security, we went duty free shopping! … Well I only got some lip balm and water but its still fun to look around. I came across this bear outside Harrods which I remember being there 2 years ago and thought it would be an awesome idea to take a picture with it again!  

(p.s sorry for my flustered face i just ran to the bear to have the picture taken hehe)

   I seemed to have grown a head taller since     2011!

When we arrived in Hong Kong it was lovely and all the Christmas lights were light up! I had a lovely Italian dinner and went to look around the shops. Looking forward for tomorrow!

Love Hollie Bee x




Day 2- Ocean Park/Surroundings This city is amazing! Everyone is buzzing around like little bees. hehe. This morning i woke up with so little sleep. Jet lag is horrible 🙁 But after breakfast i had lots more energy and i mean lots ! lol I went to the theme park Ocean Park today. First we had to get a train from one side of Hong Kong to the other… extremely confusing as obviously everything is in another language. We did eventually arrive. Phew!

We got straight to the rides. The weather was so hot which meant that i could have a few ice creams too! I saw some pretty birds and a sloth and got absolutely soaked on the log flume lol. 

The cable cars were so scary! We were hundreds of feet from the bumpy rocks below us and we were just hanging from a small cable. The view was fantastic though. Hong Kong is such a modern yet traditional city. The mountains are beautiful.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Looking forward to singing tomorrow.

Love Hollie x

Day 3- Sleeping day

My rehearsal had been rescheduled for Wednesday, so today I planned to tour Hong Kong. Well, I woke up and had breakfast, went back to the hotel room and….. fell asleep. For 6 hours! We woke up again at 5pm and realised I had a meeting with my  employer.. whoops! Thankfully they were late due to traffic. After the meeting was over I then bought another tiara. One which clips into my hair rather than sits on my hair. It’s so beautiful.

Guess what?! It’s the big day tomorrow. The place where i’m singing is still a secret and i’m so sorry to any #HollieBees in Hong Kong who wanted to meet me and come to a performance. I am exclusively singing for a prestigious company and it’s still a secret. I get to tell you tomorrow where i’ve sung and probably then meet some of you! I really want to meet you all 🙂

Love Hollie x

Day 4- Show time!

I woke up and had breakfast as usual. Everyday I have eaten cereal with milk then scrambled egg with bacon rashes. yum. Then at 2:30 we were picked up and headed off to the venue where I was going to sing! WOW this hotel was called the ‘W Hotel’ it was fantastic! So beautiful and extravagant.

This chandelier was so sparkly especially with the lights on. My tiara was sparkling like a disco ball. 

Sound check went ok but my in ear monitors kept on falling out of my ears because they were too big. So we had to make the quick decision that I wouldn’t wear them for the actual performance just incase they fell and I stepped on them.

At 7pm I went off to get my hair and make-up done. Wow! The hairdresser was so good!

Back at the venue I got ready and it was show time! The main menu had finished for the guests and it was my turn to perform! (p.s I was the only person performing, I feel so privileged) As soon as I stepped on stage everyone’s heads turned as I was a surprise! OMGosh! I was so excited at this moment.

A snow globe was projected behind me as if I were inside it and I started to sing Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again. I was only a little bit nervous. After the first song was over I was interviewed onstage and then I was going to sing the beautiful song Somewhere Over The Rainbow. I love this song! When I sang I Could Have Danced All Night next, it was so exciting! I started the song on stage as usual but then I came down the steps in front and started waving to the guests and dancing then I was signalled by Andy (Events Organiser) to come down the aisle and dance! Yey! I was so happy. Lots of people knew the words to the song and were singing along. I couldn’t help but run and dance really fast hehe. So exciting! For my last song I sang O Holy Night and stayed on the stage this time, lol. After waving goodbye to everyone in the audience I got backstage and was buzzing like a bee (Hollie Bee) it was the funniest show I have ever performed! Whipee!

We ordered some chips and then went back to the hotel for 11pm and I couldn’t barely sleep. So I stayed up watching Cartoon Network (the Hong Kong version) and finally drifted off at 1am!

Can’t wait for Disney Land!

Love Hollie x

Day 5- Sleepy Day

I guess I must have been so tired from the show yesterday I slept all through the night and through the day! I managed to wake up just before 6pm!

Now it’s time to do a little sight seeing hehe. So I went along a famous road in Hong Kong, had a Pizza Hut and then found a night market! I found a few little gadgets which were so cool! I even found a cat (which wasn’t for sale) lol. This place is so cool.

Day 6- Disney Land!

This was my last full day in Hong Kong and probably my most favourite. The best day ever! We arrived on the Disney train. It had mickey mouse windows and it was playing Christmas music! Once inside Disney Land, the walk up to the castle was  so exciting! We watched a parade and then found our way to tomorrow land. My favourite ride there was Space Mountain! What a fun and quick ride (i was surprised at myself because i usually hate big rides) i also got some cotton candy whilst i was there.

We then decided to ask a lovely Disney Land employe why the sky was so grey and dark. He said it was because of pollution and that it was coming from China! Smog he called it. I was so shocked but then it made sense because it was so hot but i couldn’t even see the sun or blue sky.

In Fantasy Land i remember going to the same carousel nearly 4 years ago! It was magical in this land.

We went on so many cool rides i can’t even remember what they were called.

At the end of the day we watched the fireworks by the castle and then it started snowing ! (well, fake snowing.. but it looked so real) hehe.

Thank you to Jaeger Le-Coultre for this amazing opportunity. Happy Holidays!

Love Hollie x

Your Questions Answered

What is your favourite TV advert?  “The Coca Cola Christmas advert with Santa!”

How many Animals do you have?  “3 cats and i just got a dog called Izzy.”

What is your favourite Cadbury’s or Galaxy?  “Galaxy.. i could eat it forever!”

What was your first word?  “Daddy, i think.”

If you could pick one flower to look at for the rest of your life, what would it be? “Daffodils because they remind me of my mummy.”

What is your favourite singing or dancing? “I really don’t know.. can i do both? All at the same time!”

Fluffy or Shiny? “FLUFFY!”

Fast or slow roller coasters?  “SLOW! I absolutely hate anything fast. I really like the baby rides for under 4ft but i’m too big for them so i just eat candy floss when i go to theme parks.”

Which place was your favourite to sing at? “Bali in Indonesia! I got to sing on the beach at night with tiny little crabs and fireworks and the place was so beautiful”

Winter or Summer?  “Winter! *singing* It’s the most wonderful time of the year ding dong ding dong.”

Would you rather 11 toes or 9 toes? “Ew, i think 9 toes because in the old times i would have been a witch with 11 toes. Then i would have been put on the fire”

How high can you actually sing? “I am learning to sing in my whistle register so it gets higher every day, i’m not sure. I’ll have to do a test”

What is your favourite teddy? “Buzzy Bee and all the teddy’s my fans get me”

How many teddy’s do you have? “Could i guess?.. 100?”

































(To ask Hollie any more questions just tweet her, FB message her or email to

Hollie Steel Up Close in Person

Hollie Steel Up Close in Person

Hollie Steel Online Auction

This is a once in a life time opportunity to own Hollies very first debut album dress, some original music,  a  personalised signed photo album of the  album photo shoot and a lock of Hollies hair and a much loved teddy. Auction will take place live on twit cam ( on Twitter) on Sunday 9th of September at 7pm. Login in to twitter and follow Hollie   @holliebeesteel

The live link will be available for the live auction will be posted  at 7pm.

Alternatively for the people who don’t have Twitter  send your sealed bids to and Hollie will call out your bid as the auction progresses.

1. Rose Petal Album dress Bidding to start at £200

2. A signed Cd featuring 6  recordings of songs not yet heard including “Ben” sung by Hollie aged 5 – Bidding to start at £100

3. A lock of Hollies hair in presentation box – Bidding to start at £100

4.Personalised signed photo album  Bidding to start at £50

5. One of Hollies own teddie bears, loved by Hollie herself for many years ( to be bid by any fan under the age of 16 only)bidding to  start at £1







Children on the Titanic

Britain’s Got Talent discovery Hollie Steel is starring in Children on the Titanic… Stories about the young passengers and crew who perished on the Titanic and the boys and girls who survived to live with their memories.

The music is available as both a download and physical disc from mid April on iTunes and Amazon. It commemorates those who lost their lives in this 100th year anniversary of the sinking. The music documentary should be available to view across our screens during 2012 and as DVD at a later date.

Christmas Album and Book Available Now!

Hooray for Christmas by Hollie Steel

Hooray for Christmas

Hollie’s new Christmas album, ‘Hooray for Christmas’, which was recently released worldwide as a digital download on Amazon and itunes is now available to buy exclusively here as a physical CD to add to your collection.

Hollie Steel - My Story

Hollie Steel - My Story

Also available is the long awaited mini autobiography titled ‘My story’. The book is written by Hollie and in her own words tells of some of her most memorable life experiences. Chapters telling Hollie’s story from her first audition on Britain’s Got Talent through to Hollie’s recent role as Louisa In The Sound of Music give an insight into the young artist’s exciting life.

paypal buy now button

Hollie Steel at iTunesHollie Steel at

Radio Interview airs today

Today at 10:00 am EST Hollie and Nina’s interview with Radio show host Lisa Hein’s show “Everyday
Parenting” will air on

Hollie Tours Again

Hollie’s all set to tour again in her forthcoming mini tour. Hollie Steel mini TourShe will be joined by three brilliant theatre schools,
Uk Theatre School, 2ActTheatre School and Stage Coach Denbigh. also joining in the fun will be the very talented Josh steel, Vivienne  Smith and Lucia Conway. A show not to be missed

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