Children on the Titanic

Britain’s Got Talent discovery Hollie Steel is starring in Children on the Titanic… Stories about the young passengers and crew who perished on the Titanic and the boys and girls who survived to live with their memories.

The music is available as both a download and physical disc from mid April on iTunes and Amazon. It commemorates those who lost their lives in this 100th year anniversary of the sinking. The music documentary should be available to view across our screens during 2012 and as DVD at a later date.

12 Responses to “Children on the Titanic”

  • Haselmaus says:

    Dearest Hollie,
    this new songs are fantastic sung from you, your voice develop so wonderful, and you looks now more than a very beautiful young Lady, very pretty you become, wonderful want to see you again!

    Want you to sing for a animal loving publich by the Birthday 60 from Michael Aufhauser, it is at 28th April 12 noon, till evening and you will see a lot of horses, monkeys, cats dogs, birds fox cows usw. near Salzburg in Austria Mozart Town

    Your Haselmaus

  • Judith Wright says:

    Absolutely haunting and beautifully sung and most appropriate. Well done hollie your voice gets better and better. lovely.!

  • Laurent and Kelly says:

    Hello Hollie it’s Laurent and Kelly I love your songs it’s amazing you are a wonderful voice princess all my love kelly and I you make a giant big big big hugs 🙂 ???

  • rico says:

    seriously good album
    great fan!

  • allan says:

    Listening to it every day and awestroke every time. Hollie, I can´t imagine how far you´ll go in the years to come. It´s amazing what you have done so far. The cd is absolutely beautiful!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Rodger Jueckstock says:

    Will this film be made available outside the UK, specifically the US? Will this film be a network presentation or is it being syndicated? This would make a great PBS presentation or a product for syndication to individual public tv stations in the US.

  • Krissy says:

    Hollie, i just want u to know that ur my greatest hero cus i saw ur vids when u were 9 and i could never had the courage to stand there in front of so many ppl to sing like u did when u became scared. i would have fainted but u asked for a second chance. im almost 2years older than u, i just turned 16 in July but i admire u so much nd u inspire me to be brave. ur voice is heavenly nd u look like nd angel so u might be one in secret and u came to inspire us all. i love u <3 ^.^

  • Keith A. Osborn says:

    Hollie Steel’s so sweet & lovely!
    Such a gifted young lady!

  • lightskies productions says:

    hi Holly i run a studio in london city and i was wondering if you would like to record a few songs there someday if your planning on comeing the email address is the name is drew moretimer he would be working with you on the day of the recording session so drop by an email or even call by the studio all the best from a batch of cookies productions an bright up a smile media you will be getting your photos taken by the rainbow star photography okay bye fror now from a batch of cookies, bright upa smile and the rainbow star photography

  • marlio says:

    Wow!! Josh, has a really powerful voice with a lot of depth to it. All he needs to do is get some confidence and refine his voice but he has the equipment to work with. Hollie is good and improving more with time and increasing her confidence as well!!! Lots of talent here. I;m not a vocalist but have taken voice and know talent when I hear it. I have a music degree and am a flutist but possibly could have been a vocalist if I had pursued it. Good Luck to you both~~~

  • marlio says:

    Oh, I just listened to the duet of you both singing Phantom of the Opera so I have no idea how old hollie is now or Josh.

  • marlio says:

    OH, Hollie I think it would help you alot, if you tried to use more of your diaphragm but you are using it to some degree. I think it would give you a more powerful sound, without any effort.

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