Hollie Releases New Song for Charity

Hollie Steel loved the song Pokarekare Ana from the moment she heard Hayley Westenra’s version, so we decided to record it.  The song was recorded back in January. However, when Hollie saw on the news the terrible devastation caused by the Christchurch earthquake in New Zealand, she asked if we could use the song to help the poor people in New Zealand.

We proceeded to contact the official charities involved in helping and to our delight Save The Children agreed to endorse the single. All funds raised for the single will go to help all those affected by the earthquake.

Please note that this video has sound protection. This version of the song is now the SAVE THE CHILDREN New Zealand’s official fundraising single for the Christchurch earthquake appeal. Please help Hollie raise money for this worthy charity.

Download now and tell your friends. It is available now to download on itunes and Amazon.

5 Responses to “Hollie Releases New Song for Charity”

  • Gus says:

    Many words come to mind….beautiful, stunning, spectacular…but one word works best…..WOW!!!

  • Haselmaus says:

    Hallo Hollie that is a wonderful Video, you made is fantastic!

    I like like you jump walk in the sea sand.

    Can we also give money for the Save the children about the “Save the Children”,you can here write their bank account. And we write is from Hollie Steel fans

  • Todd says:

    I love the location, I love the song and I love your spirit to help the children. Its as beautiful as you are. Well done Hollie

    • Metin says:

      she was scared. she is only 10. porefrming at her school in front of friends even after months of prep would be hard for a little kid, a huge live performance like this must have been more than terrifying. as a young performer playing my instrument I know, at that age stuff can happen. you are out of tune, you sneeze, any number of random things can happen. Performers with more experience are equipped to deal with these sorts of things, but Hollie is 10 and hasn’t really performed publically enough to learn how to recover herself. And she is out there using her voice in a vulnerable range, standing up on stage by herself. She looked like she was panicing, and that kind of thing could happen to any child who is in a situation with that much pressure.Have I ever had to start over in an audition? When I was younger yes, and I may not have done well but I learned from the event, and kept trying. I hate that people say if she was 40 they never would have let her go again. She is *not* an adult therefore don’t judge her like one. I hear all this stuff about fake tears and tantrums and what not and you know what everyone cries differently and I still feel it is uncalled for when grown adults accuse someone they don’t even know, a *child* no less of some of the things people are saying about her. Shame on those who do not have a little more sympathy. I doubt she’ll win the final, and I am not sure if she should have been put through, but I do not begrudge her a chance to sing the whole song through correctly. She got scared. It happens. People should have more empathy. What is she was you at age ten? or your child? would you really go on the internet and hate then?

  • Marie says:

    Hollie, what a beautiful voice. You are gifted and talented right from heaven. Thank you for sharing your gift.

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