Hollie Steel and Friends at Oswaldtwistle Civic Theatre on 3rd July, 2010

hollie steel with the mayor of hyndburn council

Mayor and Mayoress of Hyndburn Council, Councillor Malcolm Pritchard and Mrs Irene Pritchard, with Hollie Steel

I was fortunate enough to attend the final leg of Hollie Steel’s tour at Oswaldtwistle Civic Theatre yesterday evening, and I was treated to a spectacular performance by our favourite little star.

Hollie opened the show by singing three songs from her album: “I Could Have Danced All Night”, “When She Loved Me” and “O Mio Babbino Caro”. She was wearing the cute white and rose petal dress which appears on her album cover. It was amazing listening to Hollie’s voice, and the fact that this diminutive little 12 year old girl was singing live in front of a packed audience, and was doing so with such confidence, charisma and skill. And speaking of charisma, it would be appropriate here to mention Hollie’s brother, Josh, who MC’d the entire event with such fluency and charm that it belied the fact that he too is just 16 years old. Regular visitors to this site will know that Josh has been offered a place at the Italia Conti Stage School and will be starting there in September.

Hollie Steel at OswaldtwistleAfter Hollie’s opening songs, we were treated to some performances by the Basics Theatre School, which both Hollie and Josh attend. It must be easy for other talented children who attend this theatre group to be overlooked when two such talented siblings are present, but a special mention must be given to Nicole Talmer, who sang “Your Song” in the first half and “Over the Rainbow” in the second half, who is clearly a talented and accomplished singer in her own right. I must also mention Josh’s performance as Fagin, singing “You’ve Got To Pick a Pocket or Two” from Oliver. He sings, he dances, he acts, he presents, and I’m sure the teenage girls in the audience would have a plethora of further favourable adjectives to describe this talented young man.

Josh also sang two further songs in the first half – “She’s Out of My Life”, originally sung by Michael Jackson, and “Everything”, originally sung by Michael Bublé. The first half was finished off by Hollie singing three more songs from her album, “These Eyes of Mine”, the song that Jason and Hollie wrote together, “Come to My Garden” and “Ave Maria”.

Hollie and Josh performing on stage together at OswaldtwistleAfter the interval, Hollie appeared in a teal blue dress, with a sparkly sequinned bodice and pleated skirt. She sang a further three songs from her album:  “Edelweiss”, “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again” and “The Music of the Night” with brother, Josh. There were further performances by Josh and Basics Theatre School, then Hollie and Josh sang another duet – “Together at Last” from Annie. I found Hollie’s performance again quite astonishing. She had switched from operatic to musical theatre in an instant, complete with an authentic American accent!

Hollie finished the show with three more performances of songs from her album – “Hushabye Mountain”, “God Help the Outcasts” and the finale, “Nessun Dorma”.

After Hollie’s performance I took the opportunity to speak with the Mayor of Hyndburn, Councillor Malcolm Pritchard, who is pictured with his wife, the Mayoress Mrs Irene Pritchard, and Hollie, in the photo top left. He told me that he had met Hollie when she was leading the recent Hyndburn recycling rally for Hyndburn Council, and said it was great that such a talented little girl lived in the area. He also told me that chart topper Diana Vickers of X Factor fame, is also from the Hyndburn Council area. Councillor Pritchard also added that he would like Hollie to appear and perform at further events within the region in the future.

I’d like to finish this review by saying a quick hello to some of Hollie’s biggest fans, some of whom had travelled all the way from America to see her perform. So hello to Mick, Robert, Jennifer, John, David, Sean, Margaret and Agata, it was lovely to meet you!

9 Responses to “Hollie Steel and Friends at Oswaldtwistle Civic Theatre on 3rd July, 2010”

  • Allan says:

    Hi Mandy. I can only approve to all you´ve said about Hollie and Josh. I saw them perform so brilliantly in Exeter and you describe so well the huge impression they make on their fans! I´m most happy hearing about Hollies success and that she is so well received in her own area. “Wishing I were somehow there again” :-). Love, Allan xxxxxxx

  • Scott says:

    Glad you had a great evening Mandy. Hollie and Josh were fantastic in Exeter too. Bet Hollie loved performing in front of some of her biggest fans

    Scott x

  • Jennifer Reed says:

    Great write up Mandy, spot on!, amazing performance’s from all, Hollie was a delight, and Josh sang and danced his heart out!, fantastic evening all round spent with special friend’s…Jenny x

  • Haselmaus says:

    “Wished somehowe I was there again, and saw and heard Hollie and Josh and their groups.

    The only comfort was that I had during the concert a very nice chat talk with another big friend from the most talentes newcomer Singers just in the world.
    I hope the camera from Mick was as brillant working as the venue was. And we can soon watch the Liveshow in the youtube or on a CD DVD.

    I want to come to the Concert in Surrey Hillcroft House. Is this a house a parc or what? I cannot see it well on the maps. Is there much place?

    Haselmaus with Minia at home

  • Mick Uhl says:

    I enjoyed meeting you very much, Mandy. It was a fabulous time. Sorry, I chewed your ear off. I hope you were able to complete your business with Nina.

    I, too, am amazed at what Hollie can do on stage. She does everything so brilliantly and easily. Not knowing Josh nearly as well as Hollie, I can say that he held the concert together with such ease, friendliness, and charisma that I thought for a moment, from the distaff reaction, that the Beatles had returned. I love the rapport Josh has with his younger sister. A bit of older brother teasing mixed in with great support and a lot of obvious love and pride of her.

    I enjoyed myself so much that I was couldn’t believe that the two hours went by so quickly. It seemed like half the time. That is the greatest compliment I can give to any entertainment. I applaud Nina and Jason for all of the hard work that they did behind the scenes. I was at the theatre for the set-up and dress rehearsal and witnessed first hand all of the work that they did. Everything went smoothly in the final performance, thanks to their dedication, and I believe everyone there had a wonderful time. I know that I did.

    I had some time to get to know the family and, like everyone else who meets them, can’t say enough of their friendliness and generosity. Considering how very busy they were, they still took the time to make sure that I had a good time, too. This visit to Accrington is certainly one of the highlights of my life. (I will only hint at Nina and Jason rescuing me from a slight car accident.)

    • MandyAdmin says:

      Car accident? Well, we do drive on the wrong side of the road, us Brits 😉

      • Mick Uhl says:

        Mandy, I have no worries about driving on the left-hand side of the road or dealing with the traffic in England. I drove in and out of Liverpool during their busiest traffic hours without any difficulties. I do have a big problem, though, judging the turning radius of the car while sitting on the right side. I instinctively think I have turned at a smaller radius than I actually have. That’s my problem.

        I love England, its history, and its scenery. All of the people that I met here were invariably kind and helpful to me, especially after the accident. I know people tend to be disatisfied with their situation wherever they may be. (That’s nature’s way of spurring us to adapt in this dynamic world.) As a foreigner, I can say that GB has a great number of fundamental aspects of its cultural values and behaviour that I greatly admire and which I wish more Americans would emulate.

  • Robert Owen says:

    Glad to see this gig being so well received. (Sigh!) I’d booked tickets for
    both Manchester and Oswaltwistle, but, with the cancellation of Manchester and an
    attack of hypoglyceamia preventing my travelling to Oswaltwistle, I missed both.
    Sad not to have met Mick and Mandy too!

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