Hollie Steel attends Premier of Legend of the Guardians

Hollie Steel Legend of the Guardians Hollie Steel Legend of the Guardians 2On Sunday, Hollie attended the UK premiere of Legend of the Guardians in London with Josh and her family.

Legend of the Guardians is a children’s film where the lead characters are owls, and the story centres around Soren, a young barn owl, who is kidnapped by owls of St. Aggie’s, ostensibly an orphanage, where owlets are brainwashed into becoming soldiers.

Hollie had her photo taken with some real owls that attended the premier! Several other celebrities also attended the premier and Hollie and her family had a great time there.

In other news, Hollie will be attending the album launch of 2 Grand on the 28th October in Doncaster. Hollie will be singing “I Feel Pretty”  from West Side Story.

3 Responses to “Hollie Steel attends Premier of Legend of the Guardians”

  • jw_pyle says:

    Hollie, these pictures of you with the live owls are fantastic! I live in a rural farming community in central Oregon, USA. We have lots of owls and birds of prey we can see, roosting on the fence’s and telephone lines, everyday on the way to and from work. So much so I think I’ll start carrying a camera in my car. By the way…really good owl make-up!

  • Toddmc62 says:

    Just in time for halloween too. They did a great job on your make-up, you are very cute. I hope you liked the movie. You should write a review for all your fans and post it here on your web site.

  • C. Nickole says:

    I know I’m late on this, but how cool are those pics?

    How did you get to go to the premiere? Was it fun walking the red carpet? I’ll bet it was! GO HOLLIE!!


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