Hollie Steel Brings the House Down at Carnegie Hall

Hollie Steel has, according to reports, given a stunning performance at Carnegie Hall in New York. It was touch and go whether Hollie would perform or not as she was waiting for her Visa to arrive – but arrive it did and Hollie was able to go to the US for her first public appearance there.

Mick Uhl, a big fan of Hollie’s, watched the show, and he said: “Hollie did not just do well. She received the loudest longest applause of the night. People were cheering her. She stole the show in the finale, O Holy Night. The other singers just looked at her with amazement. I still can’t get over her success. There was a standing ovation at the end. Even though it was probably for the concert, I think Hollie had a lot to do with it. To hear her sing live and hit those pure high notes makes me so happy. I couldn’t stop hugging her afterwards, I was so proud of and happy for her.”

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  • Todd says:

    I want to put out a BIG WARM congratulations to Hollie for her performance, at Carnegie Hall. What a beautiful theater for your first performance in the USA. It was perfect for the big beautiful star that you are. After flying all night with no sleep you went and hit a home run. When I read Micks report, broke down in tears. All the hoping and all the prayers came true. Well done Hollie. We are all so proud of you, more than you know. I hope that Mick gave you the warmest hug of all, not just for himself but for all of us that could not make it. I also want to give a big thanks to Mick U., who made the 8 hour round trip car ride, who fought the New York City traffic, to see, to hear, to report and to HUG Hollie. Without Mick being there, there would be no first hand report on Hollie. I hope that all your future concerts are as big as Carnegie Hall. God Bess.

    • MandyAdmin says:

      I agree Todd, thanks to Mick for your wonderful report, which I took directly from Hollie’s Facebook page.

  • Allan says:

    I wanted to say something but Todd put it all in words for me. Also it´s a little hard to write with tears running even if they are for all the good reasons. My most heartfelt congratulations, Hollie. We all long to meet you in the chat again, when you are back home. xxxxxxxxxxx Allan

  • Gus says:

    Congratulations Hollie, It sounds like your debut in our country was a great success! I wish I could have been there, but I was way out west…So close and yet so far, but all of your American fans were there in spirit! Gus

    • Domenica says:

      I was there, and she was fantastic!!!! When is she coming back to New York? I was so excited to see she was on the venue. Most people did not know who she was but I did!

  • C. Nickole says:


    I was glad to hear you had such a wonderful trip to NYC! Isn’t it the greatest?! I really enjoyed the photos you took! I hope you get to come to Sunny California soon! I recommend San Francisco if you do. It’s a fantastic place for artists!

    Best to you & your family,


  • keith says:

    Thanks for the great pictures from NYC Hollie! Congratulations on your visit to USA and Carnegie Hall! So fantastic

    Thanks for the great pictures of your visit to NYC Hollie! Congratulations on your performance at Carnegie Hall and your first visit to USA.

  • Haselmaus says:

    Mensch Mönsch Todd you wrote all what I could say too. I said to you all roll the red Carpet for Hollie and she sung brilliant, in a super ambiente, I think.
    We was with Mick and Mick made a well work.
    Todd next time you take the Felix and the family and all go to a concert in america, if you have not enough money take other people with you Mitfahrer who pay you a part of the Gasolina!

    Soooon I go to Leatherhead!

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