Hollie Steel on Channel 5 and Other News

Hollie appeared on Channel 5 on Friday. Thanks to David for uploading it to YouTube so we can all enjoy Hollie’s TV interview. There are also brief video clips from I Could Have Danced All Night and Nessun Dorma which are lovely.

In other news from the chat, there was general excitement about Hollie’s upcoming album launch, which will be taking place at the Roundhouse Theatre in London on Wednesday. Several Hollie Steel fans are flying across the globe in order to attend, Icelandic volcano permitting. Hollie said that she had been practicing her songs that day. Nina said that it would be okay to video Hollie at the event, but no flash photography as it can be very off putting in small venues. Hollie confirmed that she will be singing a small number of songs at the album launch, and also confirmed that Josh will be playing the piano at her live shows, but not at the album launch. Nina said that the dress code for Hollie’s launch party was: “no jeans, smart but casual”.

Surprises are in store for the Oswaldtwistle and Leatherhead venues for Hollie’s tour, but no-one knows what they are – that’s why they’re surprises!

3 Responses to “Hollie Steel on Channel 5 and Other News”

  • Joe Culbert says:

    Great interview. It’s really neat to see how much Hollie has grown in the last couple of years. So relaxed & taking interviews in stride. Also great to know Josh will be accompanying her. Wish I could be there.

  • david nisbet says:

    Cant wait till Oswaldtwistle to see what the surprises are . i have a couple of surprises that i know about but i wont say in public . Also this will be the final concert of the tour , and only two days after Hollies birthday , it will be a good night .

  • nick says:

    hi hollie how are you

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