Hollie Steel Classical Crossover CD 2011

Hollie Steel Classical Crossover Compilation 2011Hollie Steel has recorded PokareKare Ana for the Classical-Crossover 2011 compilation album.

This album, which is a limited edition of just 500 copies, contains songs from sixteen different artists and is currently available to pre-order at the Classical Crossover website.

Click here to visit the Classical Crossover website and pre-order your copy of the album.

4 Responses to “Hollie Steel Classical Crossover CD 2011”

  • Mick Uhl says:

    For your information – to order the compilation CD for America will cost $31.56 of which $22.79 is the price of the CD and $8.77 is the cost of shipping.

    • Sheep says:

      Yeah… that’s why I’m waiting until after summer when it’s released on iTunes 🙂 I’m sure it’ll be worth it

  • Haselmaus says:

    Hi Mick that is a lot money. Get the artists than also something %?

    • Mick Uhl says:

      Hi Haselmaus, each of the 16 artists that appear on the CD is paid and I believe it is a percentage of it’s sales though I’m not sure exactly what amount.

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