Hollie Steel Features in the Daily Star

hollie steel laughing roses Hollie Steel has featured in an article in today’s Daily Star – a UK newspaper.

In the article, Nina talks about the difficulties faced in getting Hollie the recognition she deserves after Britain’s Got Talent competition ended.

Nina told the Daily Star: “As soon as the series has finished you don’t hear a word from them ever again. The 2008 finalists – including Faryl Smith, who’s a similar artist to Hollie – did very very well from it.

“They got record deals and things like that. Hollie didn’t get anything.

“We believed Hollie’s talent was good enough to get some sort of recognition but nobody came forward.”

However, as you now, Hollie’s career has been sponsored by some astute businessmen who recognise talent when they see it, so Hollie has been able to release her single, Edelweiss, which is currently available for download, and her album, Hollie, which can be preordered from the store, and is due for release next month.

Nina currently has a six month sabbatical from her NHS job to help and promote Hollie.

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