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How would you like Hollie Steel to be smiling at you every time you go onto the internet? Well, now you can have exactly that. The other day, whilst browsing, I found some themes for Firefox that use photos of Hollie Steel – one uses the photo of Hollie holding an electric guitar that was posted here. With these Firefox themes, or Personas as they are called, you can change the appearance of the Firefox browser so that you have Hollie’s pretty face looking at you.

Here are the two themes. They have been created by “Fitchman”, who must be a visitor to this site or the UK site.

Hollie Steel Theme 1Hollie Steel Theme 2

If you visit this page and put your cursor over one of the photos, you will see how your browser will look after modification. There are full instructions on the site. I tried and had no problems either adding or removing the Hollie Steel theme.

Nice job, Fitchman!

2 Responses to “Hollie Steel Firefox Theme”

  • Dave Hyatt says:

    Thanks “Fitchman” and Mandy for these lovely themes. I downloaded both and they work great plus you can switch between them or go back to your original theme. Great work guys!!

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