Hollie Steel in Exeter

Hollie Steel and family in ExeterHollie and Josh had a brilliant show in Exeter and the following day (Sunday) they spent some family time on the beach.

See the photos in the gallery.

7 Responses to “Hollie Steel in Exeter”

  • Allan says:

    It was indeed a brilliant show. Hollie was beautifull on stage and her voice even more so :-). Together with Josh and Razzamatas she gave a memorable performance. Thank you so much Hollie xxxxxx

  • jason says:

    Hi Alan,
    It was great to see you on Saturday. We are really pleased to have met you and so glad you enjoyed the show.. Hope you got home safe and sound?
    Kindest regards to you and yours
    Best wishes mate 🙂

  • Jeff says:

    Great pics, thanks Nina! Can you please make a normal thumbnail gallery though? That flash slideshow thing is horrible 🙁

    • MandyAdmin says:

      Generally the flash slideshows are very well received, Jeff. Yes, a thumbnail gallery would be no problem. But no doubt I would be asked where the lovely slide show has gone. Perhaps I should do a poll to see what format everyone would prefer? Mandy xx

  • Jeff says:

    Ooops sorry for calling you Nina again Mandy! The main problem with the flash thing is there is no way to save the pics, so yes please put it to a poll 🙂

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