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Hollie Steel inspirationalBig Inspiration in a Small Package

This article below was written by Todd, a big fan of Hollie’s.

This is a true story of inspiration and I write it with some hesitation and bravery, because I am a grown man of 48 years. I have a terrible fear of heights and can’t be up off the floor more than about 5 feet ( 2 meters ). I have been working on painting the inside of my house now for over one month. I started off very well until I reached the top center part of the wall. It is about 15 feet ( 5 meters ) to the top. As I climbed the ladder, my knees became weak and my hands were sweating badly. I managed to finish the one wall. That’s when the project came to a stop.

The unfinished walls, the paint and the brushes all sat for over 3 weeks. With my wife and kids joking me about the painting project that will last all year, I sat laughing with them to embarrassed to tell anyone I was scared to death to get back on the ladder.

Trying to find the courage to finish, I started thinking of one little 11 year old girl who found the courage, to step back on stage, in front of millions, to finish what she had started. With that one warm thought of the bravest little girl in the world, out came the ladders, out came the paint and out came the brushes. With my iPod in my ears and a brush in my hand, up the ladder I went.

While painting at the top of the ladder, my daughter stopped by and asked……dad, who are you listening to? The picture to the right says it all. No one ever knows where their bravery, their courage, their inspiration will come. For me it came from a little 11 year old girl named Hollie.

Thanks for being a big inspiration in a small package.

9 Responses to “Hollie Steel is Inspirational!”

  • Haselmaus (Setty) says:

    Hallo Felix,
    that is a wonderful story. I am also sometime astonished about thinking this little girl. F.e. as I was in Bournemouth, i found myself talking to Nina that I wish to support her if I can, not knowing what I could do for doing this…
    Sometime I think is it as I am Skorpion and Hollie is Cancer astroligical a good Team together. The Skorpion likes to fight if he had choicen somebody for protect.

    Yea as child i climbed on tres aon the wooden sportthings in Garden and Swing, but now i have also difficult to climb on a ladder, as the Gerüst was around my house i coud do it but that was 2004. now i should refresh the wooden Window outsites, but i think i have to ask a helper.


  • david says:

    thank you todd for that story , it was very nice .

  • Sheep says:

    That is so pretty!

  • Keith Osborn says:

    Todd’s experience w/the ladder is such a great story! I am 55 and Hollie Steel inspires me too! to be the best you can be! Whatever your dreams are you’ll never know what you can do unless you give it your all! Thankyou for sharing Todd’s story! Thankyou to Todd for sharing it, and thanks to Hollie Steel-for the inspiration you are to us all! and to her parents, Nina & Jason & her brother Josh for helping Hollie follow her dreams! and to her fans who admire & adore her!

  • allan ( old fan ) says:

    Todd! You make me cry!

  • jason says:

    Hi Todd,
    Yes; very touching mate.. I don’t like heights either, vertigo etc..
    Well done for finishing the paint job! he he… glad Hollie could help, (indirectly).

  • Haselmaus (Setty) says:

    Allan not cry, better sing! ;-))

    I think also what for nice harmonically people =friends Hollie & Family get roundabout her!
    You are good Freinds, I enjoy to talk or read your comments allways a nice filling the time!

  • Maria Paula says:

    what an adorable and great post!! I just can smile with emotion when I read it.

    Well… how can not be adorable…..it is the story of an adorable man 🙂

    All my love

  • Bill Landis says:

    Hollie showed the world what real courage is on stage! I’m 64 and she has given me strength when I need it. If that little girl can do that,I can do this. Thank you Hollie, for that. #MuchLove

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