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Hollie Steel and Sasha the dogHollie Steel was chatting to her fans in the chatroom last night. Before the chat, Hollie had been bathing her dog, Sasha, and Sasha was now “all fluffy”. Sasha was photographed with Hollie during the photo session for the artwork for her album. Sasha was naughty, however, as she was running around everywhere and got muddy paw prints over the white material being used as the background. After a quick chat, it was generally decided that the muddy paws should remain as they make the photo cuter.

Hollie also revealed that she had been suffering from a bad throat, but fortunately is better now.

All the mastered music and art proofs for Hollie’s debut album, Hollie, have arrived and are being sent to the factory today!

The British radio stations are again refusing to play Hollie’s single, “Edelweiss” (they wouldn’t play her debut single, Where are You Christmas, either). This personally makes me very cross. She is such a talented little girl and we British should be proud of her talent and show her off to the world!

Fortunately, Nina knew that this situation was likely to occur again, and Hollie’s music will be promoted via TV and radio advertising in the UK. I am sure that when the British people hear how beautifully Hollie sings Edelweiss, they will demand that it be played on the radio. I will most certainly be demanding this of my local radio station.

Despite being a world class recording artiste, Hollie is still very busy doing what musical little girls do. She is working for her piano exam which is in June. She also has a ballet exam in just 2 weeks time, and upcoming exams in tap and jazz.

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  • Dave Hyatt says:

    It is truly surprising to me that British Radio does not wish to air Hollie’s fantastic music. Well done Nina for anticipating this with the production of advertising spots for TV and radio. I feel that when the public hears a sample of Hollie’s music, that demand for air play will increase and the stations will have no choice but to yield to a discerning audience and play the songs.

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