Hollie Steel Online Auction

This is a once in a life time opportunity to own Hollies very first debut album dress, some original music,  a  personalised signed photo album of the  album photo shoot and a lock of Hollies hair and a much loved teddy. Auction will take place live on twit cam ( on Twitter) on Sunday 9th of September at 7pm. Login in to twitter and follow Hollie   @holliebeesteel

The live link will be available for the live auction will be posted  at 7pm.    http://www.twitter.com/holliebeesteel

Alternatively for the people who don’t have Twitter  send your sealed bids to steellhs@yahoo.co.uk and Hollie will call out your bid as the auction progresses.

1. Rose Petal Album dress Bidding to start at £200

2. A signed Cd featuring 6  recordings of songs not yet heard including “Ben” sung by Hollie aged 5 – Bidding to start at £100

3. A lock of Hollies hair in presentation box – Bidding to start at £100

4.Personalised signed photo album  Bidding to start at £50

5. One of Hollies own teddie bears, loved by Hollie herself for many years ( to be bid by any fan under the age of 16 only)bidding to  start at £1







2 Responses to “Hollie Steel Online Auction”

  • Mick Uhl says:

    Here are the results of the online auction 9/9/2012

    Item High Bid Winner
    Charlie the Teddy Bear £45.60 Danielle, Riannon, and Amy
    Lock of Hair £110.00 Allan Mogensen
    Fur Coat £50.00 Allan
    Photo Album £160.00 Allan
    Rose Petal Dress £500.00 Linda Beveridge and Mick Uhl
    Performance Shoes £40.00 Fahmid Choudhury
    Trainers £40.00 Mick
    CD of unpublished songs £260.00 Mick

  • shadab says:

    hello Good evening friends how are you ….

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