Hollie Steel Sings on BBC Radio Lancashire

Hollie Steel interviewed on BBC Radio LancashireYesterday, Hollie Steel was interviewed on BBC Radio Lancashire, on the “Entertainment on a weekday lunchtime” show. It is a live show, in front of an audience, that is presented by Sally Naden at 11:00am GMT.

Hollie sang two songs, Edelweiss and Nessun Dorma, and you should be able to listen to Hollie’s singing and the interview of Hollie and Nina via BBC iPlayer. The URL is  here. Hollie sings her first song (Edelweiss)  at 15:15 and the second song (Nessun Dorma) at 43:00 min.

Note that the BBC iPlayer can be a little temperamental and you may get the message : “This content doen’t seem to be working, try again later,” when you access URL. Perhaps it is because too many people are trying to listen to Hollie! All you need to do is wait a little white, then try again. I did and it worked for me.

It is evident in the interview that Sally, who presents the programme, was blown away by Hollie’s performance. And you will be too. There is just one word for it. WOW!

These performances will only be available on the iPlayer for another five days, so don’t delay – listen today!

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