Hollie Steel’s July 24th Surrey Performance

Hollie Steel performing at Julian Smith eventHere is Hollie performing at the charity garden party at Hillcroft House, Surbiton, Surrey, on the 24th July. Also performing at the event was Julian Smith, the saxophonist who came third in Britain’s Got Talent, 2009.

Hollie is wearing a lovely sleeveless pink dress, with a sparkly sequinned top and a layered skirt.

The photo was taken by Adam Lake (Adam’s Adventures on the Forum) and you can view more of his photos from the event here.

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  • Haselmaus says:

    After my drive through the night with the Ferry from Dunkerque to Dover, sleep in car, and reached my Lodge in noon and rest there and dress myself I reached at 17:45 (5:45pm) the garden from Hillcrofthouse. There were peple on tables in the background few chairs in the middle, and the Stage in left next to the nice House with small round towers.
    There were too some market with bags and different thinks to buy. Ane in the background were too food and drink offer places. Also were there people and her children.
    During some young men were busy to stand more chairs,
    Julian and his Band were busy to make th soundcheck. The keyboarder Martin… who also sung some, Jeff …, the Gitarrist who can play also E-Guitarre and Kontrabass. Julian had his Soprano sax, that looks like a metall Klarinett but has different grips to play it.

    As I searching the box office for my ticket i found also Jason Hollie josh and Nina in the foyer hall in the house where also was the box office, and I got my ticket.

    It was litte bit other than the ticket wich got Adam and in the facebook shown (yellow black with picture.)
    Hollie wearing a Capri-trousers and rosa karotop, & family was glad to see me.
    Soon Jason and Josh put the table with material and the CD seller.

    Hollie played and was busy with some littler girls, see my fotos on the facebook I can it to send to Mandy in the gallery

    The people comes slowly in it was good filled also children.
    I seat in the 3 row and made some fotos from soundcheck from Hollie with Edelweiss, during she walked on the stage a little bit.

    The stage was simple with 5 spots in the front during the walk the light sometime shined on her.
    I bought her as gift from Dave a pink flower pot, in pink color very nice, but kept it beside the chair- forgot it during the performance to bring it to the stage- and after i looked for it is was -lost.

    The concert was phantastic. The organisator invited Hollie to sing and beg um applouse Applause.
    First was a Sequenz from Hollie with 3 songs “I could have danced all night”, “Husabye Mountain, and “When she loves me”
    Very clear strong singing like we know our Hollie, brilliant.

    Than played Julian first with the keyboard alone the BGT Song
    than different other with all 4 his musicans. Special he played Air from Bach, and some from Beatles and showed how he can use the breathing to play without hear the breathing. Little bit like a duddlebag. 5 songs.
    Than was a break from 20 -30 minutes with food, slowly the night was coming and the 2 part was in darkness with the light better on the singer.First again with a Moderator and Hollie other 3 or 4 Songs:
    “Edelweiss”, “Come to my Garden” i like the moment when she start with the second voice in duett, Than “Nessun Dorma- don’t sleep)”, + “Wishing you were here again” But we had to miss the duett with Josh, — in the night after them I dreamed how the public sing: josh sing too, Josh sing too —.

    Than come again Julian Air and canon from pachelble.
    Adam made pictures ans Video with a better camera but my handy made also one nicht from the wishingsong. but the Sound is better than the shakking picture of the house.

    I bought some CDs and got the small foto,, we said after the concert in 2 hours 6 times good bye and talked again with the other musicans, children …

    The food was an Indish with rice meat and vegetable it it was good to have a room with toilet on Sunday…

    • Mick Uhl says:

      Thanks for the report, Haselmaus. You seemed to have had a very good time despite the disappearance of the potted flower.

  • Haselmaus says:

    hehehe the ticket was also for the food in the break, there was a ddrink too and the pimmpe drink maker spoiled my ticket and take the half of it, i cried hold it is my ticket, I want to keep it- he said no not that someone take 2 drinks, hehe. as i an swabien I thought would i take the ticket for one which in payed too, he not could come, I would get also a second drink and strawberry with cream- but they had to few.

  • Jason says:

    So glad you enjoyed it H. Lovely to see you again..
    It was a great night and a party, shame it ended.. As always time flies when your having fun. he he.

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