Hollie Steel’s Official Music Video

Hollie’s official music video for “When Christmas Comes to Town” has now been released. Enjoy 🙂

16 Responses to “Hollie Steel’s Official Music Video”

  • Allan says:

    That is soooo beautiful, Hollie. I actually got tears in my eyes. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us and giving us such memorable moments. This must be the best Christmas ever 🙂 xxxxxxxxxx Allan

  • Jennifer Reed says:

    Just seen your Christmas Video HollieBee, its so beautiful, nice to see a traditional Christmas video for a change, would be lovely to see this in the chart, its amazing, well done to you & Nina & Jason, for giving me warm Christmassy feelings, love Jenny xxx

  • Haselmaus says:

    Hollie that you did wonderful, you have lovely long hairs like all girls wish to have, it is a dream. Nice Song. With your voice the best song as all songs you sing become the best temper. Good actor play too the christmas landscape, perhaps a little bit from computer, but better as the dolls in the other videos.

    Each man friend will be jealois/ neidisch that he is not this friend who take you fall in his arms by the welcome!!! Smile 🙂
    Your Haselmaus Dormouse.

  • Gus says:

    Hollie, your wonderful voice and your video take me back to so many wonderful Christmas’s! I wish you and all of your family the best of holidays! Gus

  • Sandra says:

    It’s a beautiful single, but I really would like to hear more about the album. Was it released at the same time?

  • Léopold says:

    Yey america here I come !!!!(New York)
    I’m in the 8th gate waiting for my plane xxx so excited !!! Who ever reads this can u tell blu I cnt come 2 here party
    Hollie xxxxxx

  • Todd says:

    America welcomes you Hollie. I hope your concert at Carnegie Hall was fantastic. You have a voice of an angel and what a beautiful theater to have your first USA show in. You deserve the best. we just love your singing…God Bless.

  • C. Nickole says:

    Yay Holiie!

    I am SO happy that you have finally come to the States!

    I am still working on your project, & will hopefully be able to share it with you after the holidays are over.

    Best Wishes
    CN in CA

    PS: I heard that you brought the house down at Carnegie. Congratulations! Will the performance be televised? I hope so! (:

  • John Culley says:

    I am a fan of Hollie Steel and would like to see her someday when she is a little older sing and dance the song “Out of My Dreams and into your arms” from the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical “Oklahoma”. In the movie Shirley Jones sings the song but they then have to bring in a dancer to do the dancing part. People like Hollie who can both sing and dance are pretty rare these days. On a lighter side I would like to see Hollie sing “Whenever I feel afraid, I whistle a happy tune” from the musical “The King and I” with Jackie Evancho because it appears that both of them have fully functioning tear ducts. Maybe they could whistle together in harmony.

  • Chuan-Yun says:


    I would like to buy your CD. However, I can’t find it in Taiwan.
    Do I need to buy it by post?

    Best wishes,


    • MandyAdmin says:

      Hi Macy,
      You can order Hollie’s CD directly from the online store on this site for delivery in Taiwan.
      Mandy x

  • Maria Paula says:

    Although Christmas has happened …. every time I see this video … I am touched to tears.

    I love it!!

    All my love

  • Deidra says:

    Congratulations Hollie. A beautiful performance.Many great people come from starting at Carnegie. May this be the beginning of whats to come.

  • lauren-angel says:

    hey holls love your voice your outfits your hair your passion and your an insparation to thoes out there that want to become an opera singer like yourself all may love and best wishes your fan Lauren

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