Hollie Steel’s TV Advert

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  • Joe Culbert says:

    That’s beautiful, very well done. Can’t wait to get the album.

  • Jennifer Reed says:

    Just seen your advirt for the album Hollie, wonderful!!!!!! xxx

  • Haselmaus says:

    Love Hollie, dearest Girl,
    just i hear the second time your Album, and this is much more then the promise to be amazing, what is better than amazing? it is Balsam for my soul, it is clear and really the first musicalic Medicin.
    It it overwealming to hear it, I just consider which big dirigents i have to give it.

    Till now it was that I believed that you can sing, like your parents say behind the BGT stage, they have no doubt in You.
    It is more as believe it is knowing that you do it you help the world.
    And your wish to become known over the world it need not long.

    Could be it need time till the people who today hear light and electric musik need time to understand it, but some few could not let see fall you let not fall you.

    I am proud that I till now had keeped the contact to you and your lovely family. Now I, we understand what you want, also if you are a small schoolgirl.
    I remember your were going on the stage looked down to the judges and public, yes Simon said the brillant sparkling in your eyes shows that you much more can than you may done on the BGT stage.

    But like Peer said, I have never heard any sing like you do.
    My best friend is singer and I hear her often, but it is different.

    You are an ANGEL from Heaven and we look that nobody can harm you anytime.

    All love Your Setty

  • Georgi Velev says:

    Dear Hollie,

    Your CD arrived the day before yesterday and I am listening to it at the moment. Wow, it vastly surpasses my expectations. What a clear diction and a strong voice you have. Pretty amazing for an 11 year old girl. A wonderful choice of songs, you have a very good taste for music. You display very good phrasing and expressiveness.

    My favorite songs are “O Mio Babbino Caro”, “I could Have Danced” and “Come To My Garden”. The rest of the songs are good, too. The song I liked the best is “Come To My Garden”. The one I liked the least is “The Music Of The Night”.

    I find the graphic design of the CD very appropriate. I hope you will sell many CDs which will enable you to record another CD.

    Hollie, I wish you success during your tour next month. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend any of them but, hopefully, I will meet you once again in the future.

    My only remark is to the producer. During the most of “I Could Have Danced” and “Nessun Dorma” Hollie’s voice is drowned by the backing track. Apart from that, I think the production is very good and the CD is much more enjoyable and pleasant to listen to than, uhhhhm, the one by another very famous BGT 2009 finalist is 🙂



  • Mick Uhl says:

    Hi Georgi,

    It’s funny. I consider the best song on the album to be “Music of the Night”. It has become my all time favourite displacing “I Want To Hold Your Hand” after a 46 year run. Pretty impressive, isn’t that? I do agree that this album is far superior to the one from the Scottish contestant that sold over 8 million copies.

    I still hear flaws due to Hollie’s inexperience but her genius shines through. No one else moves me to tears with such certainty as she can. I am making a prediction now that Hollie Steel will become the greatest star in the history of musical theatre.

    And her brother ain’t so bad either. I prefer his singing to Michael Crawford’s in “Music of the Night”.

    Oh yeah, I can easily believe “These Eyes Of Mine” to have originated in a West End hit musical. Jason has shown real talent in composing and arranging.

    Now I recall Kane Lokland praising Nina’s singing last fall. If only she had a part in the album, it would have been a true family affair. But then, since she is the producer, perhaps, we should consider it “all in the family” after all.

  • Joe Culbert says:

    Now that I’ve had a chance to re-watch the advert a bunch of times it just gets better & better. Extremely well done. I’ve sent it along to friends & family.

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