Hollie’s Christmas Single for 2010

Hollie Steel Christmas Single 2010Hollie Steel’s Christmas Single will be the song “When Christmas Comes to Town” from the film “The Polar Express” . Today (Friday) Hollie is recording the video to go with the song.

We can’t wait to see and hear it, Hollie!

6 Responses to “Hollie’s Christmas Single for 2010”

  • Scott says:

    Look forward to it Hollie x

  • Michele says:

    I the video of the Christmas song Hollie.



  • Scott B says:

    I have closed my facebook account but I still have my Youtube account, having internet problems so its taking ages to upload the vids lol


  • Michele says:

    The way my message show up is not right. I can not wait for the video of Christmas song from Hollie.


  • Haselmaus says:

    Ämmm… would i be cracy- mad if i fly again to the Miracle Girls Concert on Christmas?
    I would not feel i am mad, only i was fallen in love is not mad or?
    I wait till my … 6.11th if than are the fly ticket and possible to pay perhaps…

    But what will be do think Hollie if i get not the fly back on the 24th12 morning, as normal on this day are the flies overbooked, i have to be during the holidays in Accrington perhaps.
    ok but in this case, I would take a good game with me and we can do it the whole holidays.
    Siedler of Catan or puerto Rico, Thurn& Taxis, or Finca.
    and than we can sing together the english christmassongs, for ex
    “I saw three ships, come sailing on, come sailing on… in the morning.”

    Bis tomorrow Sunday in the chat Haselmaus

  • luke radclyffe says:

    Hollie you are my gracious wonderful voice

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