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Hollie Steel moving to LondonHollie will be moving to London on Thursday to starting at Sylvia Young’s Theatre School after the Summer holidays. And exceptionally busy as always, she will be in the studio this Wednesday recording her Christmas single.

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  • Gustaf Brock says:

    Good Luck in school Hollie, as if they can do anything to improve your voice…WOW, how do you improve upon perfection….keep up the great work, but remember to stay a little girl as long as you can! Gus

  • Dragons Stage School says:

    I doubt if your mummy has time to even turn the computer on this week!!! But have a lovely, ‘normal’ day today,(Wed),recording and we’ll all be thinking of you during your move – (Hollie, you can enjoy …Nina-take extra coffee!)x
    I have a little one just arrived singing “Where are you Christmas” and wearing a cape – PLEASE!!! -still 16 weeks to go!

  • Todd says:

    When Sylvia Young’s Theatre School hears you sing, they will have to re-write the school books. Knockem over Hollie. Oh yeh, always remember to do your home work…good girl.

    • Alaa says:

      heart: No offence but you have a kid and you seem to have no mspyathy for this little girl who clearly panic for whatever reason.@everyone: And every child is different, it doesn’t matter how old they are. Please be a bit nicer when you criticize young children. They need adult support no matter how well/not well they do something. Plus you didnt go through the pressure they had to, you wouldnt know!

  • zayonna says:

    you are a great singer and dont let anything get you down!

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