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Hollie Steel Brings the House Down at Carnegie Hall

Hollie Steel has, according to reports, given a stunning performance at Carnegie Hall in New York. It was touch and go whether Hollie would perform or not as she was waiting for her Visa to arrive – but arrive it did and Hollie was able to go to the US for her first public appearance there.

Mick Uhl, a big fan of Hollie’s, watched the show, and he said: “Hollie did not just do well. She received the loudest longest applause of the night. People were cheering her. She stole the show in the finale, O Holy Night. The other singers just looked at her with amazement. I still can’t get over her success. There was a standing ovation at the end. Even though it was probably for the concert, I think Hollie had a lot to do with it. To hear her sing live and hit those pure high notes makes me so happy. I couldn’t stop hugging her afterwards, I was so proud of and happy for her.”

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