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Hollie Steel Album Progress

I am pleased to report that Hollie Steel’s debut album is well on the way to completion, with 11 tracks completed and a further 2 waiting to be mastered. The album will be distributed by Townsend – you will be able to order from this website – and the album will arrive anywhere in the world within 6 days.

As previously mentioned, the album launch party will be on May 19th at the Roundhouse Theatre in London.

Hollie Steel – The Album Launch

Hollie Steel’s Album Launch Party at the Roundhouse Theatre in London

Hollie Steel’s debut album is to be launched at the Roundhouse Theatre in London on Wednesday 19th May, 2010. The launch is expected to create considerable interest in the album from both the national media and the major record labels. In addition, this event will ensure that Hollie Steel is taken seriously by the music industry.

VIP invitations are to be sent to the National Press, major record labels and some celebrities. Other invitees will include investors, the production team, close family and friends and a few of Hollie’s most loyal fans. In total, one hundred guests will watch Hollie perform songs from her album. After the performance, there will be canopies and the opportunity to “meet and greet” Hollie and her family. There will also be photo opportunities for the national press.

The Roundhouse Theatre has been purpose selected for its location within London and the facilities that it offers.

The VIP Invitations

The invitation packages will be magnificent. They will include Hollie’s biography and a complete portfolio of photos of our little Songstress. The invites sent to the AR departments of the major record labels will also include a copy of the album.

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