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Hollie Steel Feature in the Sunday Express

Hollie Steel Feature in the Sunday ExpressHollie Steel was featured in The Sunday Express yesterday. The article is great, and it covers everything from Hollie’s Britain’s Got Talent appearance last year to the many things that Hollie has achieved since the competition ended.

Nina and Hollie were interviewed at their home, and it was clear to the reporter, Lesley-Ann Jone, what a nice and normal little girl Hollie is. In comparison to Charlotte Church’s “feistiness”, “Hollie, by comparison, is an Angelina Ballerina cake decoration”, she says.

Nina talked about Britain’s Got Talent, saying: “We’re not sorry about Britain’s Got Talent, it has opened a lot of doors.

“Since the show Hollie has been all over the world. Hong Kong, Bali, and we are off to America soon. We were surprised that no one came forward with a record deal. Not even Simon Cowell.

“Once you’re done with the show, unless he takes you on, that’s it. You have no further contact with him. However, we are not ones for giving up. My husband Jason and I teach our children that you have to go out and get what you want. Hollie has a wonderful voice and she wanted to make a record. We knew we were going to have to do it ourselves.

“People accuse me of being a stage mother and pushing Hollie but that couldn’t be further from the truth. All I’m trying to do is help her do what she wants to do”.

Nina not only works tirelessly to help Hollie, but she does exactly the same for Hollie’s big brother Josh, who has just won a place at London’s Italia Conti stage school. He will start there in September after finishing his GCSE’s.

Here is the article in its entirety:

In other news, Hollie gave an interview to SmoothFm in London this morning about what she thought about the first episode in the new Britain’s Got Talent.

She also filmed her TV advert to promote her forthcoming album last Friday, which apparently involved more rose petals and no doubt a giggling Hollie.

And finally, I have been provided with two permanent links to videos of Hollie’s STV performances and articles about Hollie, which you can view, although the videos can only be viewed by people in the UK.

Hollie Steel’s STV Performance and Interview

Hollie Steel along with her mom Nina appeared today on STV (Scottish Television) on “The Hour” show, which was presented by Stephen Jardine and Michelle McManus.

The interview is available online directly from STV for the next thirty days, unfortunately though this is not available outside the UK due to copyright restrictions. I’ll give you the link anyway – it’s here – and perhaps if you have access to a UK proxy server you will be able to view it. Hollie’s segment is in part 4. The photos above are taken directly from the interview.

Michelle McManus started off the interview by referring to Hollie as the “little girl with a big voice”. She pointed out that this year’s Britains Got Talent auditions are starting this Saturday (has it really been a year already?!), and Hollie replied that the past year had gone by really quickly for her.

Of course, Hollie was asked about the semi-final of Britain’s Got Talent when she forgot the words to Edelweiss. She had been made nervous before the performance by somebody telling her that 50 million people would be watching – in fact the true figure was nearer 15 million. Nina spoke of how she ran down to “rescue” Hollie. Nina was asked if she thought that it would be appropriate to raise the age limit to 18 years for contestants. Nina pointed out, quite rightly, that children wouldn’t perform if they didn’t want to. She emphasised that Hollie got upset because she went wrong, not because she didn’t want to sing. Hollie loves to sing!

Hollie confirmed that she was well looked after on the show, having a lady who played games with her and chatted to her before the performance. Nina said that the competition had been helpful in that it had been a stepping stone in Hollie’s career. Hollie now aspires to be a singer like Kathryn Jenkins.

Hollie was then asked about the Britain’s Got Talent tour. Hollie said that the tour had been fun and she had been provided with a tutor so she didn’t miss out on schooling. However, she did miss out on the annual holiday that her school went on. When asked about her forthcoming release of her album, Hollie, Hollie said that making it had been “really fun and really exciting” and that she chose all the songs. She even made one with her dad, Jason!

For her grand finale and as a finish to “The Hour” show, Hollie gave a wonderful performance of Nessun Dorma. When asked why she had chosen that song, Hollie replied that Nessun Dorma is a powerful song and she really likes to sing it.

Hollie Steel to appear on STV on Wednesday

Hollie Steel will be appearing on STV (Scottish Television) this Wednesday, at around tea time in the UK.  I am hoping one of Hollie’s Scottish fans will record her appearance so that I will be able to post it here.

In other news, Hollie said she would like a crystal encrusted microphone. I think it would really suit her.

The photos at the top of this post were all posted during Sunday’s chat session. I hope you like them as much as I do.

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