The 6 best female singers ever, under the age of 13

Hollie Steel Princess

Here they are-unranked

by Mike Sutton

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love Connie Talbot’s voice, energy and personality. She makes it so easy to be her fan. However; I also like what the other young singers do as well. This list is not going to rank or place anyone. This is just a list of who I think the best ever were. Remember, if you are a Whitney Houston or Jessica Simpson fan, that’s fine, but please look at the nature of the list before you leave a comment.

Here they are in alphabetical order:

Jackie Evancho – A ten year old Opera sensation from America’s got Talent. Jackie certainly does!

Aileen Quinn – Who can forget the little orphan who our hearts in Annie-The Motion Picture. She kept singing and getting us thinking about…Tomorrow-the greatest day ever.

Hollie Steel – Another young star from Britain’s Got Talent. She had a heart breaking episode in the semi-finals, but then came out for a retry and behaved like a real pro! What a voice!

Connie Talbot – The little girl who changed the “nasty” Simon from Britain’s got talent. Connie has had number one hits in the U.S. and other countries as well and she is only 10!

Shirley Temple – The Little actress with the red curls. Yes, she could sing, and so many flocked to her her movies, when she was in grade school. She will be remembered for many songs, especially “The Good Ship Lolly pop”.

Taylor Ware – She yodeled on America’s got Talent like no other! She is fun to listen to because of voice and her energy. Her home town in Tennessee even dedicated a day of the year to her!

There they are. I know that there are many others out there. Try to remember that most of them are very young performers and try to post nice comments.

The above article was written by Mike Sutton, and is reproduced here with his permission.

16 Responses to “The 6 best female singers ever, under the age of 13”

  • Trini says:

    My personal favorite is Jackie Evancho, but she’s ten now, I think.

  • Trini says:

    Ugh, I thought it said “Under the age of 10” not “13”.

  • Maria Paula says:

    What I can say ….. this post led me to remember great talent that today almost no one remembers.
    Of course Connie Talbot and Hollie Steel are certainly my favorites in this days. Not only for their artistic talent but also for his great personality and charisma. Both little girls have something that is difficult to explain in words …..they are unique.
    But thinking of the other names you put I can not stop smiling at the thought of Aileen Queen. I remember with emotion the great preparation that was made for the famous movie Annie. The casting of thousands of girls to find the perfect one . And what a great talent they found it!!. Aileen was a natural talent, pure, true and an extreme sympathy.
    How to forget the song “Tomorrow”, one of my favorite songs until today. So favorite is that my children learned to sing almost before they learn to speak (LOL).In fact Connie Talbot sang that song in a special video dedicated to me. Absolutely amazing and lovely. (
    All the girls, or almost all, we dream of being Annie ever, in those days….
    Aileen Queen….I am not saying she is better that others talented kids….but without a doubt she opened my eyes and iluminated my heart.

    Mike… make me remember a happy part of my life with this post. A part that I forget it. WOW! Thanks Mike. Aileen Queen is part of my life history. And you help me to remember that happy part of it.

    All my love

  • Todd says:

    Wonderful letter Mike, we all here love our stars Hollie,Connie and Jackie, but what I like is the fact you added Shirley Temple. That is from the old days and we should never forget their careers as artist. I remember watching old Shirley Temple movies when I was younger and it brings back fond memories. Like our stars of today (the above girls), Shirley bought to the world what was good and innocent and we are reminded of that no matter how hard life gets, there is always something pleasent about the world. Thank you for the posting.
    PS..Maria your note was beautiful…from the heart..I loved it.

  • John says:

    You should probably make it the seven best because all of these girls should be recognized. The seventh one would be Rhema Marvanne, who at age eight, is as good as I have EVER heard at that age. Check her out on you-tube. She was only 7 years old for many of the videos there, and her recording studio version of the National Anthem is as good as I have ever heard regardless of age! It was on her first album over a year ago, and her third album is due in May 2011.

  • soraya says:

    I think we are forgetting another little girl who is 10 and very talented too, and that is Tiffany Ferrary. You can check her out on her Utube Channel, Thanks
    ps- we absolutely love Connie and Hollie too XD)

  • Erik says:

    In my opinion they did a poor job with Jackie’s voice on all recordings and sets I’ve heard (Yes, the National Tree Lightning especially Her voice is very nice indeed. Just watch to this “untampered” Vid:
    That’s one of the reasons why I like Hollie better. Love her voice and that they didn’t feel the urge to make those changes.

  • Tim says:

    I read over your list and the reasons they made the list and I agree with you totally! I have in my collection every cd released by everyone of these amazing singers (Except Hollie’s new Christmas cd. It’s been ordered but not yet recieved) It would be very unfair to compare any of these artists (and yes, they are artists) to each other…Jackie IS NOT Hollie, Hollie IS NOT Connie, etc. Every one of these beautiful singers have a style and a voice which is uniquely their own. I absolutely love them all!!!

  • Diana??? says:

    Tim, I totally agree with you! You can not compare the talents of children, because they are children, each with a different talent! And they will be upset that chose the other, but not me! If I publish a list of popular children read it and read it! If this site on Holly, then there must be discussed Holly, and not the others! I do not argue, they are all talented, but Holly, I think, will not it nice to read what someone is like another child! Here you have three angel: Maddi Jane. Noelle Maracle. Caroline Costa. And Russian singer: ????????? ??????( Anastasya Petrik), ????????? ??????(Ekaterina Ryabova)

  • Diana??? says:

    Sorri!!Anastasya Petrik. Ekaterina Ryabova

  • Rissy says:

    I like Connie Talbot, Jackie Evancho, Rhema Marvanne, and Hollie Steel. They are my favorite singers and I like their voices.

  • rachel says:

    I think you are really good at singing

  • stephen samuel winkler says:

    What about Anna Graceman?

  • Lester Solnin says:

    I am old but always love to hear the young voices and I agree with your list. I would, however, include an “Annie” original cast memeber, Danielle Brisebois. Hollie, I hope to see you in a Broadway production someday as you are not only a talented singer and dancer and piano player but also an actress. You were made for the stage just with your presence. Andrew Lloyd Weber is currently wreiting an opera…I hope he includes you!

  • firex06 says:

    Hollie and Connie both hit all the required notes, both are cute as a button.

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