Your Questions Answered

What is your favourite TV advert?  ”The Coca Cola Christmas advert with Santa!”

How many Animals do you have?  ”3 cats and i just got a dog called Izzy.”

What is your favourite Cadbury’s or Galaxy?  ”Galaxy.. i could eat it forever!”

What was your first word?  ”Daddy, i think.”

If you could pick one flower to look at for the rest of your life, what would it be? ”Daffodils because they remind me of my mummy.”

What is your favourite singing or dancing? ”I really don’t know.. can i do both? All at the same time!”

Fluffy or Shiny? ”FLUFFY!”

Fast or slow roller coasters?  ”SLOW! I absolutely hate anything fast. I really like the baby rides for under 4ft but i’m too big for them so i just eat candy floss when i go to theme parks.”

Which place was your favourite to sing at? ”Bali in Indonesia! I got to sing on the beach at night with tiny little crabs and fireworks and the place was so beautiful”

Winter or Summer?  ”Winter! *singing* It’s the most wonderful time of the year ding dong ding dong.”

Would you rather 11 toes or 9 toes? ”Ew, i think 9 toes because in the old times i would have been a witch with 11 toes. Then i would have been put on the fire”

How high can you actually sing? ”I am learning to sing in my whistle register so it gets higher every day, i’m not sure. I’ll have to do a test”

What is your favourite teddy? ”Buzzy Bee and all the teddy’s my fans get me”

How many teddy’s do you have? ”Could i guess?.. 100?”

































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